What would you change in either your lesson plan or presentation to be more effective?

Creating engaging lessons that include activities and assessments aligned to objectives and course outcomes is one of the responsibilities of a higher education instructor. While it is not always necessary for higher education instructors to create daily lesson plans, knowing how to create a lesson plan can help prepare instructors to deliver content effectively.
Use the “Planning for Instruction Lesson Plan Template” to write a lesson plan based on one of the topics from your “Course Design Template.” This would be a lesson you could present in one class meeting. Based on the lesson plan you create, record a 3-5 minute video of yourself demonstrating the chosen instructional strategies.
Your lesson plan should include:
Content area
Lesson topic/title
Lesson objectives
Anticipatory set
Instructional strategies
Assessment (formative or summative)
Differentiation strategies
Below your lesson plan, write a 150-250 word reflection on the lesson and your presentation answering the following questions:
How effective do you feel your presentation was?
What do you think went well and what would you incorporate into your future professional practice?
What would you change in either your lesson plan or presentation to be more effective?
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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