What is the purpose of the current research?

Based on the article by Michels et al (2021), answer the following questions. Make sure each
question is answered completely:
1. What is the purpose of the current research?
2. What were the overall findings (in numbers), regarding how helpful participants found the
individualized advice?
3. The authors report that “…rejection of the personality results went along with the rejection of
the advice [regarding the pandemic]” (p. 3). How does this conclusion support that some of how
we interpret information is personality based ?
4. The authors suggest that “ …personality is unrelated to actual corona infection risk, but is
meaningfully related to psychological coping processes, helping behavior, and behavior that is
deemed to slow the spreading of coronavirus” (p.4). How might we use this insight moving
forward in this pandemic?
5. In your opinion, is specific advice related to personality necessary? In other words, is
reaching out to people in a way that matches their personality necessary? Why or why not?
Please note all assignments will be run through SafeAssign, so please don’t plagiarize.
I have provided the article and also provided the textbook, it does not need to be referenced, but I am providing it for you to look into.
Thank you!

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