The role of antioxidant supplement in immune system, Neoplastic, and neurodegenerative disorders

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by Paola Medrano Pineda – Sunday, January 16, 2022, 10:55 PM
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As we read through the textbook or the articles about the thymus gland, we now know that the thymus gland begins to shrink with age. Dietary antioxidants have been found as the source to slow down the atrophy of the thymus gland. When our cells (or T cells) face the battle with a virus or bacteria, it is most likely going to get some punches along the way. In order to dodge some of those punches, we eat our fruits and veggies which are Irish in Vitamin C, E, A, etc. So in order for our cells to remain strong during the fight with a virus is the reason why dietary antioxidants are important. Apart from regulating our metabolism by hormones, our thymus gland also produces T cells which are the warriors who fight off pathogens that want to kill us. The thymus gland plays a big part in how we fight infections, without us realizing it. Our parents had a reason why we had to eat our fruits and veggies and it was to keep us healthy and strong. Our T cells need replenishing and that is how.
Brambilla, D. (2008, September 30). The role of antioxidant supplement in immune system, Neoplastic, and neurodegenerative disorders: A point of view for an assessment of the risk/benefit profile – nutrition journal. BioMed Central. Retrieved January 17, 2022, from

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