the economic struggles of families with college students

Use one of the seven recommended introductions/ Follow all MLA rules/header/heading/TNR 12/In-text citation/ Works Cited/At least two full pages
“City of Broken Dreams”
Sara Goldrick-Rab discusses the economic struggles of families with college students in America. I want you to focus on one the arguments being made.
Use at least two direct quotes from the text to support your statement. Your response must be in essay format meaning you have an introduction with a thesis statement, at least one supporting paragraph with in-text citation, and a conclusion. The response should be a minimum of two pages include a Works Cited. I have included the citation information below, but remember to use the hanging indent feature.
A sample thesis statement might be: Two reasons Sara Goldrick-Rab believes …………. are ………… and ………………
All paragraphs must have a minimum of five sentences. All supporting paragraphs should have a topic sentence, outside support, discussion of the support, and a closing sentence. You never begin or end a supporting paragraph with a direct quote because the first and last sentence must be in your own words.
Supporting Paragraph Structure
A sample topic sentence might be: One reason Sara Goldrick-Rab believes ……….. is ……………..
Support the topic sentence with examples from the text. Sample in-text citation: According to Sara Goldrick-Rab, “…………………………….” (195).
Remember to add a comma before a direct quote, begin the direct quote with a capital letter or an ellipsis, and the period goes after the page number.
Discuss the examples you used and make any additions to the conversation you might have
Closing sentence
Works Cited
Goldrick-Rab, Sara. Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream. The University Chicago Press, 2016.

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