Stress is the curse of modern living—but is it actually so new?

View the documentary “Worried Sick”. The video will require you to sign in through the DMACC library using your DMACC user name and password.
Stress is the curse of modern living—but is it actually so new? Whether it’s the panic that sets in before public speaking or the butterflies brought on by sitting down in a dentist’s chair, everyone has experienced the age-old fight-or-flight response that once helped humankind evade predators. In this classic program from the Scientific American Frontiers series, host Alan Alda meets researchers who are exploring the long-term ill effects of stress on health and healing and how relaxation can help lessen the damage. Distributed by PBS Distribution. (60 minutes)
Be sure to take notes while viewing the documentary. Then, write your assignment including:
the three most important and intriguing points from the video as related to the science of stress
at least one question you have remaining after the video, or a new question prompted for you by the video
the answer to your above question(s) – cite your sources

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