Reflect on how Marcos’ removal from the U.S. affected his entire family.

Watch “Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (see link below) and answer the following prompt in 300-350 words (12-point, Times New Roman font). The essay is worth 10 points (see grading rubric below) and is designed to help you apply the concepts you are learning in class to real-life situations and/or elaborate on theories.
**Format: Please double space, use Times New Roman font, and include 1 inch margins.
Film link:
Reflect on how Marcos’ removal from the U.S. affected his entire family. Consider the distinction between between “deportation” and “banishment” (see page 69 of our text) and take a position on whether you think his removal was punitive or non punitive. Make sure to clearly state your position and support that position with evidence from the film and class materials. Remember to include appropriate citations.

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