Provide a link to the video clip

Find a short video clip (one to two minutes long) that provides an example of a child that is not regulated in one or more of the five domains described in the text. See attachment.
In your discussion post:
Provide a link to the video clip or upload the video (eg. YouTube). If the video clip is longer than 2 minutes indicate the exact time of the video that you would like your classmates to watch. Do not use videos from your own worksites/schools/practicums. If there are multiple children in the video, provide a descriiption of the child you would like your classmates to focus on.
Below the video clip link describe why you think the child is dysregulated and refer to the relevant domains in your explanation. Provide objective observations to support your explanation.
Based on your own life experiences, identify one thing that you think an adult could do to help support the child that is dysregulated in the video. If an adult did try to intervene in the video, comment on whether the intervention was effective in helping the child to self-regulate.

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