Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Inspection Process Paper
Part I:
Workplace violence and ergonomics are two common issues cited under the General Duty Clause. Using the General Duty Standard search on the OSHA website, provide a summary of two specific inspections that resulted in a 5(a)(1) citation. Your summary should include the facility name, date of when the inspection occurred, the initial penalty, current penalty, and a summary of the findings.
Part II:
Imagine you just landed your dream role as a safety professional at Company XYZ. On the first day of the job, your boss indicates that you are the first safety professional the company has hired, and there are currently no safety programs or policies in place. Your boss is worried about a potential upcoming OSHA inspection and tasks you with getting Company XYZ prepared in the event OSHA shows up. Using the OSHA Field Operations Manual (Chapter 3) as a reference, prepare a standard operating procedure (SOP) on how OSHA inspections will be handled at Company XYZ.
Your essay must be at least two pages in length, not including title and reference pages. One source is required. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

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