In 4-5 pages, analyze the primary source film, develop a clear thesis with 2-4 main topics

Paper will focus on primary-source analysis skills. In 4-5 pages, analyze the primary source film, develop a clear thesis with 2-4 main topics, and support your findings by citing from AT LEAST two other primary or academic/scholarly sources.
Refer to the short film Duck and Cover.
This movie (and others like it) was shown in schools around the USA in the 1950s and early 1960s. Focus on societal impacts of the Cold War on American citizens and youth—for example, how this film (and others like it) may have impacted the generation of children who watched this movie and were taught to “duck and cover” during school attack drills? Be sure to include a clear thesis statement, research (and cite at least two) supplemental sources, and write your paper using the academic third-person perspective.
Follow the footnote and bibliography guidelines published in the latest [17th ed.] Chicago Manual of Style [chapter 14] for the citation of all sources and the formatting of your bibliography. Do not use the “in-text” and reference list citation style that is outlined in chapter 15 for the physical, natural, and social sciences.
Also, please format your paper according to the elements listed in the Chicago Manual of Style. Brief Chicago Manual of Style citation guides and the latest version of Turabian [8th ed.]—guide [attached, below].
For supplemental sources, please choose from this database:
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