How has technology changed the process of distillation?

art 1: Student will select their favor spirit, brand and research the history and marketing of their selection. For example, my favorite spirit is Bourbon and producer is Basil Hayden’s. Focus on the production of the spirit. Use resources from the book and links in this weeks module.
Part 2: Compare traditional/classic distillation to the way your producer makes their spirit today. How does it differ? How has technology changed the process of distillation? What ingredients to we now use for flavor or fermentation?
Part 3: MLA formatting. This paper I will be evaluating your knowledge of MLA formatting and use of it in a research paper. All assignments in this class will use MLA formatting. Future papers will have stronger grading based on MLA formatting. More leniency will be given for this paper so students can learn.
A minimum of five sources needed with proper incite quotations required.

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