Develop a research topic that you will develop a research paper and poster.

Application of the scientific method and techniques of research to investigation of
problems in major subject areas of agricultural economics. Restricted to
students with demonstrated ability to conduct a supervised research problem.
Preparation of project outline and presentation of written and oral reports are
required. Taught only by arrangement prior to registration. (3)
Student Learning Objectives: Upon completion of the course students will be
able to:
1. Understand basic scientific writing to answer agribusiness questions.
Required Texts: NONE
Course Requirements:
1. Develop a research topic that you will develop a research paper and
2. Develop outline for your paper.
3. Complete a literature review covering your topic.
4. Develop a poster that summarizes your research paper.
5. Complete a written research paper. Specific guidelines are below.
Title Page Name, date, paper title
Introduction Initial problem statement
Literature Review
Talks about previous attempts to resolve the issue
and about historical trends that can inform the
current investigation.
Methods and Procedures
Focuses on secondary data study, primary data
collection and analysis, or a combination of both.
Regardless of the approach, the writer has to justify
their choices and give a detailed account of the
people and the activities involved in the research.
Discussion culmination of the research and the most important
part of the paper.
Conclusion Provides an overview of the entire paper while
highlighting the focal points of the discussion.
References Show all references that were used in the paper
Specific Guidelines:
• Font size 12 point
• Double space
• No more than 20 pages
• Include graphs and charts if applicable

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