Describe the topic or issue in nursing practice

Explore the use of focus groups in qualitative research.
Consider the effectiveness of the method and examine how this approach might lend itself to a mixed method of study.
Review and reflect on the use of focus groups and interviews in qualitative research designs.
Select a topic or issue in nursing practice to focus on for this paper.
Nursing Issue/Topic
As a family practice nurse practitioner who has dealt with various Covid-19 virus variants, I have found myself emotionally and physically exhausted at times, and the scarcity of professionals to assist with patient care does not help. With novel mutations of the virus and a gap in vaccine uptake, nurses must continue to deal with a high volume of illness, suffering, and mortality. Prior to COVID-19, the issue of nursing burnout existed. However, because many nurses have worked on the front lines since the pandemic began, we must be on the lookout for signs of burnout in ourselves and our coworkers.
Consider which type of qualitative research design, focus groups or interviews, might be most appropriate for the topic or issue in nursing practice and why.
How will this type of qualitative research design support the aims of addressing the topic or issue for nursing practice?
With this in mind, write a 2 page paper meeting the requirements noted below:
Describe the topic or issue in nursing practice that you selected and explain why.
Explain which qualitative research design approach that you selected to address this topic or issue and describe the method you chose. Be specific.
Justify why this qualitative research design approach would be best suited for this topic or issue and explain how this approach will better inform improvements for nursing practice for the topic or issue that you selected. Be specific and provide examples.
Explain why it is important for the DNP-prepared nurse to understand qualitative research approaches for nursing practice.
APA Format minimum of 3 sources (scholarly articles) no older than 5 years

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