.Describe separately, in detail, the two worldviews.

Listen to this is a Podcast with cognitive scientist, George Lackoff. and what youtube video

George Lakoff: Moral Politics

After listening, answer the following questions
1.Lakoff discusses two different world views; What are the names of the two worldviews? What is the metaphor that is the basis of both worldviews?
2.Describe separately, in detail, the two worldviews.
3.Using these two world views, consider a current topic being discussed in political news. First, write one paragraph about the social problem or policy being discussed. Second, in one paragraph: present your opinion on this issue and discuss the values that form the foundation of your opinion, using ideas and terminology from How Republicans Think that most closely relates to your opinion. Third, in 2-3 paragraphs attempt to persuade an individual who has the opposing opinion from you on the social problem or policy – using the underlying ideas and terminology from the opposing view discussed in the Podcast.

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