Anton Van Leeuwenhoek also known as “The Father of Microbiology”

An Essay on Anton Van Leeuwenhoek also known as “The Father of Microbiology”.
Also Known As: Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek, Antony Van Leeuwenhoek. I need for the writer to use some cites from book used in the United States not Europe. I have attached some websites that I would like the writer to use since I used those sites on my outline. I have also attached my outline so the writer can see what I have done. Ensure writer answers all the questions below.
1. Should answer ALL 5 Points/questions below:
1. Brief biography
2. Why is this person famous
3. What changed in the world with his /her work
4. How does his/her work affect us in the medical field
5. How has this person been recognized for his/her work
2. Be no less than 275 words, double spaced and Times New Romans 12 font
3. Should have a cover page
4. Should have a work cited page
PS. ensure to include the websites I used in my outline.
Thank you

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