Analyze the impact of organizational practices

Assignment Content
Analyze the impact of organizational practices on the implementation of Human Resources decisions.
Analyze the relationship between effective Human Resources strategies and organizational outcomes.
Critique Human Resources initiatives and their influence on effective organizational performance.
Integrate the Human Resources balanced scorecard to sustain a competitive advantage.
Appraise the impact of stakeholder preferences on Human Resources strategies.
Develop a strategic Human Resources plan that aligns to stakeholder preferences, business strategies, and organizational outcomes.
You have been hired as the new vice president of HR of a publicly-traded company. You have been brought into the organization to specifically address the current shortcomings of HR support to the organization and make the necessary adjustments so that HR strategy is aligned to the overall corporate strategy.
One of the first areas in which you need to familiarize yourself with is how well (or not) the current HR strategies support the organization’s mission and goals. Therefore, you will need to analyze the organization’s HR strategies and assess how these HR strategies enable the organization to be successful. For instance:
How do these HR strategies create competitive advantages?
What are some ways in which the current HR strategies can be enhanced to further enable the organization to be competitive?
How can you identify core deliverables of the HR strategies, and how do they align to organizational outcomes?
-15 Scholarly Resources
As part of your role as VP of HR, you will need to research your organization (Use Apple) – note that it is publicly-traded. Therefore, you will need to access its 10-K in order to build the strategic HR plan. You will also need to identify your organization’s core competencies. In addition, make sure to review your organization’s website, especially the HR/careers page, and other outside resources so that you can identify the main components of the HR strategies that were in place before you joined in your new role.
The CEO of the organization has asked you to create a strategic HR plan for the organization based on your research. This plan should include the following:
The organization’s long-term strategic goals and market differentiation
The organization’s position within its external environment, including its current and projected market leadership position
The organization’s values and culture
Current level and mix of human capital/workforce (depending on data available) – MAKE THIS DATA UP – Fictitious DATA
Analysis of current employees, identifying gaps in areas needed to support forecasted goals
Talent management areas that should be of greatest importance to support the organizational strategy (e.g., recruitment, retention, training & development, etc.)
Tools and technologies needed to support these recommended HR strategies
Implications of not implementing the recommended strategic HR plan

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