Where do you foresee the correlation of planning and competitive opportunities going in the future?

Module 2: Discussion Forum
Today, planning is essential to effective operations management in order to remain competitive and survive. By implementing evidence based practice, more effective planning can be achieved, resulting in better healthcare services.
Read this article –
Kosherbayeva, L., Kalmakhanov, S., Hailey, D., Pazilov, S., Seiduanova, L., Kozhamkul, R., Jaworzynska, M., Bazhanova, A. E., Juraeva, N., & Jarylkasynova, G. (2020). Rethinking priorities in hospital management: a case from Central Asia (Links to an external site.). Health Policy and Technology, 9(3), 391–396. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.hlpt.2020.06.002
Article is attached.
Answer the following:
• Summarize the case study.
• What planning benefits include improvements?
• What limitations were involved?
• Describe the strategies and tactics used.
• Describe any evidence based practices involved in the decision-making.
• If you were the CEO at an acute care hospital, how would you describe the business case for continuous operational planning to ensure better use of resources?
• Where do you foresee the correlation of planning and competitive opportunities going in the future?
APA Format
2 References

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