What would be exposed in case there were to be an attack?

Pick a site that hosts a social networking functionality other than Facebook. Do not choose Facebook.
State the site homepage link, and a short descriiption of the site.
Create a clear descriiption of the ideal visitor to this site by considering the details of these demographic elements:
*Age range
*relationship status
*geographical location
*employment status
*type of employment
*income range
*shopping habits
*surfing habits
Conduct a vulnerability assessment of the site by observation only then answer these questions:
*What are some apparent vulnerabilities?
*What threats are possible on this site?
*What attacks are possible?
*What would be exposed in case there were to be an attack?
Write an 8-page paper introducing the site, and your findings from the above exercise, and finalizing by giving a clear recommendation for the organization that owns and/or hosts the site.
Limit quotations to an average of no more than 15% of the paper, and use quotations sparingly! This assignment has the embedded TurnItIn feature turned on. When you submit the paper, an originality report will be generated.

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