What strategies did you try to address the behavior?

Reflective Journal 2: Classroom Management and Environment
In this entry, you will write a reflection/synthesis regarding your understanding of the factors that may influence behavior, including how these may be manifested in an educational environment. Include any personal experiences that support your focus on the role of the environment on behavior. Things to consider: What are some of the factors that influence children’s behavior covered in the video “Understanding Challenging Behavior in Young Children – YouTube” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acAJsiEKxzg
Are there others that weren’t covered? How do you tune in to each child to meet their individual needs? What has worked for you? Think about the last time a child’s behavior frustrated or concerned you. What factors may have influenced the behavior? What strategies did you try to address the behavior? If it were to happen today, what might you try? Are there children in your classroom who appear to need more support than what you can provide in your classroom? If so, who else might be part of the team?

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