What is the emotion that the artist is portraying?

**Part 1***
Why should we look at art?
Where can we view art?
How should we look at art?
Do the views expressed in the video agree or disagree with the textbook? (I know it ask you to say if you agree or disagree with the textbook just I agree with the view’s expressed with the video and textbook.)
***Please Make it Noticeable that you Separated the two parts***
Part 2
**Picture will be presented in the attachments.*
Is this image representational, abstract, or nonobjective and why?
What elements of art do you see (color, line, texture…) in this painting? An in-depth analysis is not needed. Just describe what you see.
What is the subject of this image?
What is the emotion that the artist is portraying?
This artwork was soon rejected by its culture because it was created at a time of change when the culture’s interest was becoming one that appreciated speed, modernism, and nationalism. How do you think this painting would be received in our current culture? Why?

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