What is a delta check?

Read through the case study/scenario.
Answer the assigned questions in a paper format. (Don’t just answer the question, you will need an introduction, body and conclusion). It needs to be 1-2 pages in length.
Submit case study/scenario to the appropriate assignment drop box.
The due date for this assignment is posted on the course calendar. I will not accept late submissions. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Case Study 2-1 Quality Assurance in a COW laboratory.
The COW lab in a large internal medicine group practice performed over 50 waived tests a day. The medical assistants and the phlebotomists who performed the waived testing were all trained OJTs. It was obvious from the inconsistent results recorded on the cumulative report that everyone’s technique differed somewhat. When notification came from CLIA that they would be visiting the site within the next month, the lead physician decided that a QA process had to be put into place. He directed the lab staff to the CLIA Website for instructions on waived testing standardization in the form of GLPs issued by CLIAC.
What are CLIA and CLIAC?
Why is CLIA visiting their site?
What are the GLPs and what makes them valuable in standardizing the waived testing process?
What are other examples of QA Components that could be put in place in this lab setting?
Case Study 2-2 Blood Draw Fails Delta Check
It was a very busy day in the hospital laboratory since two phlebotomists were out for medical reasons. An order came from the fourth floor for a timed draw. Joe, a phlebotomist from a temporary agency, was still there, even though he was supposed to have gotten off 2 hours earlier. No one was there to collect the specimen except Joe. Knowing how important it was, he decided to go ahead and collect it. When he arrived in the room, the patient was seated in a chair between the beds. Joe asked the patient his name and in which be he belonged. When the seated patient answered with the right last name and pointed to the correct bed, Joe proceeded to collect the specimen from him while he sat in the chair. Joe labeled the specimen tubes at the nursing station while noting the draw on the desk clipboard. When a second specimen was drawn from the patient later that morning, it failed the delta check. The second specimen was recollected and the results showed the specimen that Joe had drawn to be in error.
What is a delta check?
What do you see that could have caused this discrepancy?
What should Joe have done differently?
What were Joe’s obligations to the laboratory after his regular shift?
Will need to be in MLA format
Evaluation of case study response will be based on the following criteria:
Rating Scale
Case study response includes an explanation of why the decision was selected
Case study response is well organized
Case study response evidences are in complete sentences with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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