What internal and external data shows the problem exists?

Week 3 – Discussion 1
Discussion Overview: This week you will discuss data you have collected to show the problem exists and how you can collect data to measure the success of your project outcomes.
Supporting the need to make a change includes showing the problem exists from internal sources, such as personal observations of an identified issue in your workplace, and external sources, such as related evidence in the research literature.
Once you have solid support for the change you are recommending, you need to select a plan to collect data. Your data collection plan will help you to determine if the implementation of your change is a success.
Looking ahead, data will be needed to measure your desired project outcomes. Based on the data you collect, you will be able to determine the degree to which you achieved your desired short-term outcome in the course. Examples of ways to collect data to measure outcomes include check sheets, surveys or questionnaires, approval or denial by leadership of a proposed policy or protocol, pre-tests and post-tests, personal observation, and verbal feedback.
Discussion Prompt: Re-state your small-scale change project and your project’s short-term goal and short-term outcome. Then, answer the prompt:
What internal and external data shows the problem exists?
Include supportive rationale for your external data from a peer-reviewed journal using APA in-text citation and a full reference.
What data collection plan will you use to determine the degree to which you achieved your desired short-term outcome(s) in the course?

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