what do you believe is the most important aspect of human morality?

What are the “extremely influential and particularly relevant” five moral principles of bioethics that Vaughn describes (collectively, these principles have become known as “principlism”)? Do you believe this list is complete? What could/should be added/omitted from this list? Do you believe these principles “universal” or are they “relative”? Do they ever conflict with each other? What are some examples of how these principles might/might not conflict with each other? Why or why not?
the requirement to write between 400-500 words for these discussion essays;
add a paragraph of 100-200 words to answer this question: what do you believe is the most important aspect of human morality? In other words, what is your understanding of how we know (or should know) what is and is not morally right or wrong? What do you believe most rightly guides you in navigating various moral dilemmas in life (think in terms of what is your moral code and how would this function on a universal level—if all humanity followed this code)?
i have attached the book: read chapter 1 (pages 3-33)

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