The key thing is to find important relevant factors that you will write about in your paper

The outline assignment for your final paper involves turning in 3 things:
1) the topic you have chosen for your paper (it should be chosen from topics listed in the FINAL PAPER instructions, and not the same as the FIRST PAPER);
2) an outline that follows the structure given in instructions for your paper (see FINAL PAPER instructions) but which you will apply more specifically to your own topic. This should be a simple outline with just two section (Intro and Political History) and each section having maybe 3 subsections listed;
3) five references in correct reference format for resources (articles, books, etc;) that you have found that you will use in your paper, including the following information in correct order: author’s name (last name first); article title; article source (the name of publication such as magazine, journal, newspaper, etc.); issue number , pages and date. For example – “Doe, John. Funny Story. Newsweek. 10, 2, p12-16, June 10, 2050.
The outline will provide the basic points which you think are important to include in your paper, and on which you will go into more detail, in the final paper. It is a plan for the paper, that presents the basic, key components of what will be your paper. The outline format should look something like the example below, but see the FINAL PAPER instructions for the sorts of things to include in the different sections. And be sure that material you include in your outline is clearly relevant to your topic. The Outline needs to cover only the first two sections of the paper. It would be worth checking the Outline rubric on the links page, which I will fill out and return as feedback. The outline itself should be brief and need not be more than 8 -16 lines. The key thing is to find important relevant factors that you will write about in your paper. The structure of outline will look like the following (you don’t need to include policy recommendations section):
I. Introduction (background information);
a) background information part 1
b) background information part 2
c.) (every paper should include “Different perspectives” on your issue
II. Political History
a) ….
b) ….
c) ….
The outline assignment is meant to get you started on the final paper and to give me the opportunity to make sure that you are going in the right direction with this assignment.

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