The grading scale in Ukraine is different that US system

This essay should be very personal and with many details! (if you have any questions please let). My obstacle is moving to USA from my native country. That is for several reasons:
1. When I finally got the document and was able to move to US and leave of my family (mom, dad, brother), I was the happiest person on Earth, but it did not last long. Three month after being in US school, I had to take SAT exam, which includes a lot of advanced English. In Ukraine, I had an excellent English grade and was praised by my teacher, however, upon arrival to the USA, I quickly realized the I can not speak fluent English with my teachers at school, did not understand majoring of the words in the SAT English Section, and can not take AP classes right away( school administration and my counselor assumed I would not do well in these classes and did not even consider me as a potential candidate). Back in my home country, I was among the best students in the whole school, had awards for an excellent academic performance, but everything changed here. I felt very embarrassed, sad, and ashamed by the fact that I was placed in the easiest classed possible and in junior years in school did not have any AP classes like the rest of the students of the same age. My SAT score come out to be low and felt left behind from the rest of the competitive classmates who were satisfied by their score and shared happy news with each other. I remember going home and crying because I was too ashamed by my score and had to keep this news all to myself. At that point, I thought that my career path would be ruined. But that was not all.
2. Inaccurate transfer of credits. The grading scale in Ukraine is different that US system. In my home county, they use 1-12 scale with 12 being the best grade. After 9th grade in Ukrainian school, I transfer to the medical college (it is possible in most European countries; it resembles nursing school in US), which had a scale of 1-5 to grade. Medical college was my 10th grade. For the 11th grade I was here, in US. The school counselor was really confused about transferring those 2 different grading systems into US letter scale. Thus, some of the letters in my school transcriipt did not really represent the grade (numbers) I received as a grade in Ukraine. It was all tough and disappointing to see that all my effort put into earning good grades in Ukraine was wiped away by inaccurate transfer of my credits. But that was not the worst.
3. They did not transfer all of my classes. The classes that US school did not offer to take were not transfer, for example, Law, Ukrainian literature, Ukrainian literature…
Imagine investing so much time into learning a subject, putting all the efforts into getting good, and in return you have nothing. That was the most disheartening thing ever. Also, the educational system in Ukraine does not offer the classes of different ranking (AP, HONORS, ADVANCED); they are all the same. So without even looking at how the system works, everybody looking at my transcriipt assumed that I took the easiest classes, when in reality I did not have a choice.
In the 12th grade, I started taking 2 AP classes, but to apply to the prestigious schools 2 AP classes and a few more “easy” classes was not enough (they did not even consider the “translated” transcriipt from Ukraine). My school was among the best public schools in US, so every student applying to the college was very competitive and did everything they could (sport, community services, music, choir, different clubs + excellent academic record) to get into top tier schools. With only 2 years in US school, I did not have enough AP. classes of my transcriipt, outside of the school hobbies to share in my application, bad SAT score, and other small issues, I understood that the only thing i can do to get back on track is to go to the local community college. There I was able to take college classes to make my transcriipt look complete, find a hobby that I like( volunteering at the hospital), find new friends, and be a part of the Honors Program.
I would like you to describe all the challenges I faced in US school and how the qualities I developed helped me to became i stronger student and will help me in the future. PLEASE DESCRIBE ALL THE FEELING AND EMOTIONS I WENT THROUGH BASED ON THE STORY YOU READ ABOUT ME. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DESCRIBE MY PAIN AND EMOTIONS IN THE RIGHT WORDS SO THAT I READER CAN FEEL IT! Please think of the creative way to do it (for example, it can be inner dialog with myself, or a conversation with my mother). Please be creative with it! You can make up thoughts, emotions, or some parts that I did not fully explain, but please stick to the overall story. Your language should be clear and diverse. Use advanced vocabulary. No repetitions (use the synonyms instead of using the same words over and over again). Make the story sound smooth and clear. Please do not make grammar mistakes.

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