The genre for your piece will be narrative .

written vignettes (brief stories) and, if you want, visual images. Your collage should illustrate and reflect on some aspect of your identity. You’ll think back through your own history and pull out several stories and images that will tell your readers something about who you are. You can share vignettes about one aspect of your identity, or you can weave together stories about several aspects of your identity.
Share at least two vignettes in your collage. Try to choose vignettes that relate to each other in some way; help readers see an overall theme or message in your collage.
Think of your audience for this collage as your classmates and teacher–as well as any other group (family? friends?) you might wish to share your work with. Try to make your writing come alive for your readers by using the narrative elements we’ll learn about during the Writing Project 1 unit of the course.
The genre for your piece will be narrative / memoir. You can consult the the textbook chapters on Memoir (chapter 18) and on Narrative (chapter 45) for help.
Format and Design
For this assignment, the formatting of the text is up to you. You may experiment with the font, font size, and spacing that work best for your purposes, especially in terms of helping readers understand where one vignette ends and another starts. (See the example collages posted in the learning modules on Blackboard.)

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