Planning for the Problem-Solution Essay

As a reminder, the 3-2 Prewriting/Planning for the Problem-Solution Essay is due Thursday, 1/20, by 11:55 PM.
This assignment is worth 4% of your total grade, and it is the foundation for the Problem-Solution Essay. DO NOT SUBMIT A ROUGH DRAFT.
Prior to beginning the assignment, carefully read (if you have not done so already) the example essay in the Week 2 “Assigned Readings”: Problem-Solution Example Essay. It is also located in the Week 3 “Recommended Resources.”
VIEW: For a video overview of the upcoming Problem-Solution Essay’s objectives and requirements and how to complete the 3-2 Prewriting/Planning, please see:
VIEW: Also, for a video overview of the Problem-Solution Example Essay, which emphasizes what makes a well written Problem-Solution Essay, please see: In this helpful video, I review the necessary components of an “A” essay, including a strong thesis statement, topic sentences, and concluding sentences, as well as use of cited support.
For this assignment (3-2) you MUST use the outline template, which is linked in the 3-2 assignment’s instructions and titled “Problem-Solution Essay Prewriting/Planning Template.” The outline template contains all of the required parts of the 3-2: Prewriting/Planning for Problem-Solution Essay:
prewriting questions (30 points),
outline – requires complete sentences for some parts (60 points), and
APA Style references (10 points).​
Please provide yourself enough time to carefully complete the assignment; it will serve as the foundation for your essay. If you have not done so, please read my 1/14 announcement for additional information about the assignment and week’s activities.
Topic Ideas
For this assignment, you may focus on any topic; it does not have to be related to nursing. In the past, students have written about problems related to: economy, employment, education, health care, obesity, crime, substance abuse, environment, equality, immigration, guns, debt, adoption and child welfare, divorce, mental health, and violence.

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