In what way would these items be helpful to you in your uncertain future?

Imagine this:
Early one morning there is a loud banging at your door. You open the door to find armed soldiers who inform you that you have only one hour to pack one suitcase and be ready to leave your country.
1. What would you pack in your suitcase?
2. What do each of these items tell us about your culture and your country of origin?
3. What do these items tell us about what is important to you?
4. In what way would these items be helpful to you in your uncertain future?
5. What sorts of items do you think 19th century immigrants might have packed if they found themselves in this situation?
**Please remember to include details in your posts.
Responses must be at least 200 words.
Please make sure to proofread carefully. I will evaluate your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Unlike your formal written assignments, I do not require that your discussion question responses adhere to specific formatting requirements but you must have citation in at least each initial discussion board post.

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