Identifying Most Valuable Activities (MVA) Worksheet

Identifying Most Valuable Activities (MVA) Worksheet
In the Module 1 video, Time Management Fundamentals (Links to an external site.) (Crenshaw, 2018), you were asked to complete several worksheets to help you improve your time management skills. Using the Glossary and the Most Valuable Activities (MVA) worksheet, located under the Assignment in the Modules Tab, prepare a 1-2 page paper addressing the following points:
Identify the terms listed in the Glossary that are most significant for you.
List your current work activities identified on the worksheet.
Identify your two MVAs and briefly explain why they are most valuable to you.
Explain how you plan to budget time for your most valuable activities.
Describe at least one takeaway from the video training course that you will apply and continue to use throughout your education here at CSU Global?
After completed, upload your file in the assignment submission area for your instructor to review and provide feedback.

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