How would you determine how to prioritize your tasks?

Option #1: Operations Manager Mind Map
You are a newly hired operations manager for Hospital XYZ. You are required to:
a. Review the current hiring practices for nurses working in the emergency room department.
b. Investigate recent patient complaints concerning bad bedside manner from nurses in labor and delivery.
c. Review financial requests for Environmental Services to purchase new buffers to wax floors.
d. Review Information Technology’s concerns regarding a possible information breach.
e. Review request for implementation of new software in the radiology department.
Develop a mind map to create a visual document to determine your approach to these tasks. How would you determine how to prioritize your tasks? Who are the stakeholders in each of these scenarios? Is there a need for project management? If so why?
• Provide support in the form of in-text citations from a minimum of three scholarly articles. These sources should not be more than 3-5 years old.
APA Format
3-5 scholarly sources

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