How is freedom possible within the domain of the Categorical Imperative?

Watch the videos and read the material. Open a document and answer the questions, upload.
Virtue Ethics
Crash Course Virtue Ethics (Links to an external site.)
The following are PDF reading assignments:
Aristotle, Book 1 of Nichomachean Ethics
Aristotle, Book 2 of Nichomachaen Ethics
Wimberly Virtue Ethics and the Commitment to Learn.pdf
Utilitarianism (Links to an external site.)
Reading link or PDFs: (Links to an external site.)
Mill Utilitarianism
A short introduction to Kant’s Categorical Imperative (Links to an external site.)
Supreme Principle of Morality – HARVARD’s Michael Sandel Justice Series (Links to an external site.)
Kant Groundwork
When thinking of the Categorical Imperative and the Supreme Principle of Morality one must consider the concept of evil.
Nietzsche Good Bad, Good Evil (Links to an external site.)
What is MASTER-SLAVE MORALITY? What does MASTER-SLAVE MORALITY mean? (Links to an external site.)
Another perspective: Hegel – Master / Slave Morality (Links to an external site.)
Reading link: (Links to an external site.)
Answer the questions.
1) How is freedom possible within the domain of the Categorical Imperative?
2) Why does Kant focus on the intention of the act, the duty of the act, and the duty of right intentional morality?
3) From material and lectures, how would you summarize Nietzsche’s view of the essence of life?
4) Nietzsche criticizes the search for truth and knowledge and emphasizes that there are other things just as valuable. What is your experience with the otherness of good/good and good/evil or good/bad and good/evil? What do you identify as good/evil that brings an overall positive “good” to the life equation of your experience?
5) Define master and slave moralities.

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