How do you explain the “variety” that is called Protestantism?

Please answering all three topics, a section for each one.
1) For our first topic, Protestantism, answer the following question:
-How do you explain the “variety” that is called Protestantism? Give specific examples of the characteristics that have contributed to such variety. In light of such differences, does tolerance exist among different denominations? If so, how do you explain this tolerance? Be specific.
2) For our second topic, Catholicism, answer the following question:
-What disagreements have begun to take place between American Catholicism and Catholic doctrine coming from Rome about the role of women in the Church? About birth control? How, in light of such differences, can American Catholicism remain Catholic?
3) For our third topic, Orthodoxy, answer the following questions:
-How do you explain the rich diversity of Orthodox Christianity in America, particularly in light of the various names of the American denominations of Orthodox Christianity?
-What were the reasons for Orthodox Christianity’s spread to America? Trace its historical development and growth.

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