Hospitality Challenge Project MGM FINAL PAPER

 Read “Hospitality Challenge Project MGM FINAL PAPER.pdf” located in the module and in the
assignment portal.
 In a word document answer the following questions in complete sentences, based on your
reading of the project. You may need more than one sentence to fully answer the question. Each
question is worth 1 point.
1. What is the NAICS code for MGM?
2. What is the lodging industry’s ‘Degree of Company Concentration’?
3. What is one of the guiding principles of MGM?
4. What is MGM’s value proposition?
5. What is one threat MGM faces?
6. What was the team’s problem statement?
7. What are the three steps of the guest experience involved in their solution to the
8. What is one metric the team suggested to use to measure the success of their solution?
9. How did the team say they would sustain this plan?
10. What was the team’s contingency for failure?
How will you be successful?
 Thoroughly read the example report.
 Copy the questions into a word document, and provide your answer after each question.
 Provide a brief (1 to 2 sentence) answer to each of the questions above.
 Write in complete sentences, using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
 Submit on time.
*Project is on Intercontinental Hotel Group

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