Explain one drawback of lethality assessment from the perspective of law enforcement

Module 03 Written Assignment – Role of Law Enforcement
County Domestic Abuse Services works closely with local law enforcement in prevention and intervention services related to all types of domestic violence. During a recent board meeting, several law enforcement officers were in attendance. You met Officer Troy, who works in the local domestic violence unit. He invited you on a ride-along.
Officer Troy allowed you to access each of the scenes you responded to once it was secure. Some of what you witnessed disturbed you and opened your eyes to law enforcement’s complicated role in domestic violence cases. You learned so many things from Officer Troy and his comments on how domestic violence cases are unique for law enforcement because of their roles in assessing victim needs and the many challenges with establishing probable cause.
As a part of your internship, you are required to submit multiple papers for credit. You have decided this experience with Officer Troy is a great inspiration for a paper. This paper will critically evaluate the role law enforcement plays in preventing and responding to intimate partner violence (IPV) cases.
Conduct research to examine the challenges law enforcement must mitigate when responding to IPV calls. Consider their role related to lethality assessment and probable cause requirements for arrest.
Summarize the role of law enforcement related to lethality assessment
Identify two benefits of lethality assessment from the perspective of law enforcement
Explain one drawback of lethality assessment from the perspective of law enforcement
Summarize the role of law enforcement related to probable cause requirements for arrest
Identify two challenges law enforcement faces in determining probable cause
Explain at least one option to mitigate each challenge you identified
Support all of your positions with scholarly research.
LLS Resources
For assistance using the library databases, make a research appointment with the Justice Studies Librarian.

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