Describing what you watched and heard and relate the information

There are six videos that you will need to watch and react to when writing the paper. The names and links to the six videos can be found in this module. Please review all six videos. Then, write a total of 3 pages (double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins) describing what you watched and heard and relate the information
to the DSM-5 (i.e., Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, 5th Edition) diagnostic criteria. You should be able to find a significant amount of information on the internet and/or articles that discuss the DSM-5 diagnostic criterial for Autism Spectrum Disorder. As this is such a short paper with much to cover, please do not list all of the DSM-5 criteria as a part of this paper. Instead, make reference to the DSM-5 criteria in the content and with the use of citations. Paper has to properly cited every little thing.
You will need to submit your assignment to me electronically as a .doc or .docx file. Please do not send your assignment to my e-mail account. I will not read it or grade it. It will only be read and grade the paper when submitted through the Canvas system. This paper will be graded using the rubric in Appendix D of your syllabus. It is important that you review the rubric prior to watching the videos and writing your paper.
You paper will be checked using TurnItIn SimCheck. TurnItIn SimCheck checks your work against other student papers from current and prior courses to determine similarities.
video 1
Video 2: This is Brigette. This is Autism.

Video 3: Autism Stimming in the Car.

Video 4: High Functioning Autism and Sensory Issues – Diana’s World.

video 5:Severe Autism Meltdown. Mother Attempts to Restrain Autistic Daughter from Self-Injury
Video 6: Positives about being an Aspie.

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