Describe the differences between an individualistic culture and a collectivistic culture [2-3 slides].

In your readings this week, you have seen that cultural awareness involves things such as, values, perspective, and actions. The history of a culture, its sub-groups, and its view of the individual all can impact what we see as personality.
Create a PowerPoint presentation to describe the differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Discuss one sub-group, such as ethnicity or religion, and explain how those differences can affect expressions of personality and how your understanding of them can improve your interactions with others.
After reading the articles for this week, create a presentation that is at least 8 slides long, not including the title and reference slides. Your slides should include the following:
Introduction (let the audience know the purpose of the presentation) [1 slide].
Describe the differences between an individualistic culture and a collectivistic culture [2-3 slides].
Discuss a sub-group of one of these cultures (ethnic, religious) [1-2 slides].
Explain how the differences in culture type and the sub-group can affect expressions of personality [2-3 slides].
Describe how this knowledge and understanding can have a positive impact in your personal and career interactions with others [1-2 slides].
Conclusion [1 slide].

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