Describe the current issue and the errors that are occurring.

In healthcare, there must be effective and efficient productivity in processes to ensure safe outcomes; thus, measuring organizational performance is important. Read this article:
Honda, A. C., Bernardo, V. Z., Gerolamo, M. C., & Davis, M. M. (2018). How lean six sigma principles improve hospital performance. (Links to an external site.) The Quality Management Journal, 25(2), 70-82.
PDF Article Attached
Next, choose a current issue in your organization and apply the lean six sigma approach to making improvements.
• Describe the current issue and the errors that are occurring.
• What is six sigma versus lean six sigma? Is one process more efficient than the other? Why or why not?
• How would performance improve in your issue discussed using either approach?
• Describe any limitations noted to gaining effective solutions and improving quality in the issue addressed.
• What did you learn from this exercise?
APA Format
1-2 References

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