Critically acclaimed historical fiction is rich in wit and dark humor

Critical Essay #1 concerns I Claudius (1976 BBC)
Critically acclaimed historical fiction is rich in wit and dark humor: I Claudius (1976) BBC television series. It offers us not only the drama but interaction within the family and court of the first emperor Augustus to his least regarded family member Claudius, the fourth emperor. Granted we do not see monuments of wonderful Rome but the interrelationships of the family and how readily one may take the reins, be successful and be sacrificed, or abusive and succeed for how long? Augustus ( born Sept. 22, 63 BCE) reached the age of 78 – remarkable longevity or was he punished to see none of his favorites to survive?
Required I Claudius Season 11, Fool’s Luck episode 11 I Claudius Fool’s Luck (Links to an external site.) – excellent and informative
Critical Essay #1
This essay ( 3-4 pages ) concerns Episode 10 where Claudius, the least favored heir to Augustus’ empire and family becomes Emperor. We are concerned with defining his potential as a ruler and his ideals, foilables, and failures. (Links to an external site.)
“Explain your reasons to them” ( and to me from this marvelous yes 1976 drama)
Watch Episodes 11 (please click on the link above and find episode 11 and 5 – to watch)
to answer the following ( mostly from Episode 11 which please view first as excellent !!) :
What do we learn of Claudius as a newly designated emperor –
A voice is given to the austerity claimed for the Republic of Rome, (favoring the patricians and exclusiveness of Rome, an ideal that long outlived the functions of the Senate to direct Rome and gain property and provinces).
Discuss two major objections from the members of the Senate?
And how does he answer each point.
His trusted advisors include whom and should he trust any of them? Based on what evidence.
Is there a Class system – what evidence
The foreigner in this episode – what did you learn from him? Can any foreigner be more valuable or trusted ? if you are Roman Patrician (aristocrat)?
From Episode5 Episode 5 – Poison is queen (Links to an external site.) we gain interaction and evidence of the roles and responsibility of Livia’s sons (Tiberius and Drusus) and wives( Julia; Agrippina for Drusus), and potential among the children:
Major loss – but who gained ?
Favorites of Augustus are ?
Who among the women is most perceptive? deceptive ? .. based on.
Please conclude with your assessment of the most dangerous person or delusional aspect of this family.
Yes, summaries exist online, a few are substantial with credit given to Robert Graves the author of the I Claudius as a novel, should you employ such resources please quote and credit source. Your 3-4 pages are to focus on the Episodes 11 and 4 – I will read for your specifics content from the film not other voices.
Please be a true viewer and seriously watch Episode 11 and 4 to take notes to be able to answer my questions. Your observations and your criticism of specific members of the family is based on what evidence? Be sure to point out two pivotal events or vital clues that have impact, cause and effect.
For your information Persons introduced in I Claudius:
1st Emperor Augustus and his dynasty:
Octavian, (Octavianus Augustus on the chart) became in 44 BCE Caesar as adopted son of Julius Caesar, and 1st emperor of Rome 31 BCE and in 27 BCE the title Augustus
His wife Livia – her family became successors – Tiberius and Drusus her sons but who survives?
Julia Daughter if Augustus, wife of Agrippa (general and colleague of Augustus) giving him 5 children) and then wife of Tiberius but banished by Augustus
Gaius and Lucius Caesar (Grandsons and sons of Agrippa were adopted by Augustus as his own sons)

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