Where and how were each of these aspects of your identity formed?

After viewing Dr. Fleming’s video and completing this week’s readings, create a visual illustration of the elements of your own identity. Your visual should include both your personal identities and your group/social identities and should be a comprehensive list of the various elements of your identity. How you choose the separate your core identities from those that are farther from the center is up to you. The illustration can be as plain or as colorful and creative as you like. If you create your illustration by hand, be sure to scan/photograph it and include it with your paper. Save your illustration as a jpeg and include it with your reflection paper. This section does not count toward your total word count for this assignment.
In addition to creating your identity illustration, address the following prompts:
What are the 4-5 most important (core) elements of your identity?
Where and how were each of these aspects of your identity formed?
Think of the last time that one or more of these identities were threatened.
How did you respond?
Northrup (1989) believes that conflicts that threaten or are perceived as threatening to our core concepts of self very often result in intractable conflicts. How does your example support or refute this belief?
In your opinion, why does identity have such a major impact on a person’s response to conflict? Support your view with information from the course, the textbooks, or other academic material.
In your opinion, how does your identity impact your personal conflict style that you discovered in Module 1?
Think about your personal reaction to conflict in light of what Shapiro called the repetition compulsion. Respond to the following questions adapted from p. 65:
What recurrently dysfunctional pattern(s) do you exhibit in conflict? (We all have them!)
At the moment when this pattern occurs, what is threatening your identity? Be specific and introspective in your explanation.
Which of the common issues listed on p. 66 lure you into the repetition compulsion? Is it something else? Why do you think these things pull you in?
Conflict is almost never one-sided, and the ability and willingness to own your own contribution to a conflict is indicative of an increasing level of emotional intelligence (which we will discuss in the next module). With that in mind and again thinking back to a recent conflict, how did your own words and actions contribute to the conflict?
Consider a long-standing conflict with which you are personally familiar. It should be one in which you are personally involved if possible, or at least one with which you are very familiar with the parties and the details. Synthesizing the material from Northrup and Shapiro’s section on the sacred and any other academic material you find appropriate, analyze the conflict in terms of its intractability and the sacred.
What do each of the parties hold sacred that is threatened by this conflict?
Is it possible for the parties to disentangle the sacred from the secular (Shapiro, pp. 105-107)? Explain.
Is this conflict intractable? Explain.
Paper Specs
Create a cover page with your name, course number, assignment title, word count, and date.
Paper should be 2000 – 2200 words.
Do not include cover page, headings, quotes, or references in your word count.
Include a subheading for each rubric line.
Do not quote your sources. Paraphrase, cite, and reference using APA format.
Double-space your paper.
Use 12-point Times New Roman font.

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