What were the major results of the study? Were the results consistent with the hypotheses?

Answer the following question about the article that you located:
1.    Write the reference for this article in APA style.
2.    Write an “overview” or brief summary of the article. Indicate your assessment of what the study is about and the major findings of the study.
3.    According to the introduction, what information was already known about the topic (look for references to previous research)?
4.    What variables were studied? What were the hypotheses concerning these variables?
5.    What were the operational definitions of the variables studied?
6.    Who were the participants in this study? Were there any special participant characteristics?
7.    What were the procedures used to test the hypotheses? Did you notice any problematic features of the procedure?
8.    Was the experimental or nonexperimental method used? Were there attempts to control any extraneous variables?
9.    What were the major results of the study? Were the results consistent with the hypotheses?
10.                   How did the researcher interpret the results? Can you think of alternative interpretations?
**article is attached**

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