What knowledge have you gained by considering alternate numeration systems?

ASSIGNMENT #1) ART OF WAR WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Briefly summarize and analyze one specific chapter of your choice from The Art of War (it could be any one of the 7 assigned chapters). First, briefly explain its main ideas and themes; then, discuss whether or not any lessons from this chapter may be meaningfully applied to other areas of life (personal relationships, business strategy, general leadership, etc.). MUST BE 200 WORDS & IN MLA FORMAT
ASSIGNMENT #2) MATH WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Below I have attached a video & an article to go with the math writing assignment. Consider the numeration systems of other cultures. In class, we have encountered the Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman, and Mayan numeration systems. We have also considered systems using a base other than ten.
Read the journal article on Chinese Numeration Systems and Place Value. Discuss with your peers why you think that topics such as the numeration systems of other cultures are included in the elementary mathematics curriculum.
How does exposure to alternate numeration systems help students understand our own numeration system?
What knowledge have you gained by considering alternate numeration systems?
Other ideas?

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