What is your thoughts and definition on the word: – Professional

Instructions prof — I am looking for how well you can communicate your ideas to me!
I want you to look up each word, phrase or name from at least two on-line sources for each one and then tell me what you think is an appropriate definition from your perspective.
1. (An example) What is your thoughts and definition on the word:
– Professional
worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skillful, or assured.
a person engaged in a specified activity, especially a sport or branch of the performing arts, as a main paid occupation rather than as a pastime. Both from Wikipedia
following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain: a professional builder. From Dictionary.com
My perspective is that it is a person that reflects the highest potential and esteem in any one area of their expertise. It is also your attitude or someone else’s perception of how you behave and act. (mine-rts)
Note: that I would grade the above set of responses as an 83 to 85, so to get a better grade it has to be better than this example.
Note that I did copy and paste the two from online sources and said which source they were obtained. I DID NOT GIVE A LINK NOR WILL YOU! LINKS WILL GET A TEN POINT DEDUCTION FROM YOUR GRADE!
The words, phrases or names are as follows, What is or are a:
1.Logic Gates, describe them briefly
2. Transistor
3. Algorithms
4. Protocols
5. Server
6. Host computer
7. Terminal
8. Peer to peer
9. Mainframe to Terminal model
10. Client- Server Model
11. Distributed or IoT/Peer to Peer Model
12. System
13. Network
14. Palo Alto Research Center also known as PARC
15. IEEE (who is it and what does it do?)
16. IEEE 802.11 standard
17. IEEE 802.3 standard
18. Infrastructure, computer & systems
19. Infrastructure, Networks
20. Requirements
21. Specifications
22. Ada Lovelace
23. Charles Babbage
24. Alan Turing
25. Douglas Engelbart

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