what are some recommendations to stop fraternization from happening in a unit

request is for a brief one page writing on Navy CPO Misconduct, specifically Chiefs/Senior Enlisted Leaders and Fraternization with junior personnel or officers.
the writing should include answers to the following points/questions (in no specific order – please write what will flow best).
-the purpose of the rules against fraternization.
-include how fraternization goes against good order and disciple of the military
-what are some recommendations to stop fraternization from happening in a unit
-are the rules of fraternization unfair towards senior enlisted? Should senior enlisted (or Navy CPOs) be allowed to have familiar relationships with junior enlisted and officers?
please include the information/references attached. you are encouraged to use other pertinent reference material as well – please use websites, preferably military or U.S. Navy related or popular publications (Forbes, USNI, NY times, etc) and NOT wikipedia.

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