physical barriers located at borders separate people of different backgrounds.

About the Film
“When the Berlin Wall came down, we dismissed the idea of separation walls as something from the past. Reality is exactly the opposite. There have never been so many walls. There are thousands of kilometers of fences, gates, barbed wire and barriers in the most distant and dissimilar parts of the world. This film tells the true stories of people living on both sides of very different walls. These are intimate and intense stories that show us that on both sides, we all share the same hopes, fears, thoughts, and emotions; the same desire to survive” (Pablo Iraburu, director).
“Walls” is a film that sheds light on the borders between nations and the walls that separate people. Filmed on four continents, the film presents eight personal stories of people who are directly affected by a physical barrier. The film includes the wall between the U.S and Mexico, Zimbabwe and South Africa, India and Bangladesh, and Spain with Morocco. The directors prefer not to take sides or to push a political agenda; they say it’s simply about showing a reality that’s lived in different parts of the globe.
Guidelines for Papers
The Films Discussions and Expository Essays must be in MLA format as follows:
1-inch margin on all four (4) sides of the paper
12 size text, Times New Roman font
in the upper left-hand corner should be your name, the instructor’s name, course information, date, and assignment
in the upper-right corner should be a header with your last name and page number
All work turned in must demonstrate a sincere effort on the student’s part to construct a clear thesis and develop an argument logically in a well-organized essay, with support of major points by specific examples and quotations from the text. Ideally, a student’s work should present fresh, creative approaches based on his/her own ideas. All work should be free of mechanical errors and be thoroughly proofread.
Assignment Instructions
This assignment requires you to write 500 to 600 words (2 to 2 2/3 pages paper).
You need to show command of the information provided in the film and in the textbook. That means that to write your responses you will have had to have read and comprehended topics, concepts, and terms introduced in the textbook. (I attached the key terms used in Chapter 1 below)
Film Prompt
Today’s physical barriers located at borders separate people of different backgrounds. Using two stories from two different continents, compare individual situations and how they are directly affected by a physical barrier. Then, reflect on how the holistic and comparative anthropological concepts can inform our understanding of the conflicts presented in the film.
(Rubric and more information on how to write the essay in the link below)
I can also email the whole textbook to you since I can’t attach big files on this site. Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks!

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