one paragraph that describes one or two aspects of culture that are illustrated by the article

In Chapter 4, Global Communication and Diversity, cultural intelligence is described as important for global businesses to develop and be successful beyond borders.
Assignment 1 is an article review of global communication. Read a magazine article about a global business that includes issues about cross-cultural differences. Use the following online sources for an article:
Bloomberg (Links to an external site.)
Time Magazine
After reading an article about global business, address the following:
Article information: article name, source, date/edition, pages, web address
Summary: a short summary of the article (one half-page)
Cultural lessons: one paragraph that describes one or two aspects of culture that are illustrated by the article
This module will introduce you to the principles of team communication and difficult conversations, and global communication and diversity.
Research of business professionals found that ineffective communication is the most significant barrier to team effectiveness (Cardon, 2021). Understanding the basic principles of effective team communication can lead to better performance. Team communication and difficult conversations are discussed further in Chapter 3.
Global communication in business brings many challenges. Understanding the cultures where businesses do business is called cultural intelligence. Our world is diverse, and thriving businesses understand this. Cultural intelligence is necessary as borders, geography, and time of day are no longer barriers for business.
Other than culture, different group identities can impact workplace communication. These groups are socialized in specific ways based on upbringing, historical events, and societal expectations. All of this interaction develops what is acceptable and appropriate. Individuals in certain groups may share values, identities, and similar communication patterns differently from other groups.
Cardon, P. W. (2021). Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World (4th ed.). McGraw Hill.

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