Identify what you believe are the common musical threads among the artists in your groups.

Rock and roll band playing guitars on stage. “Rock and Roll” was a phrase coined in the 1920s, which eventually became known as a descriiptor for a style of music that combined Rhythm and Blues and standard Blues in the 1950s. Rock and Roll became popular with teenagers in the post-World War II United States. Teenagers during this time typically had more free time and their own spending money to use as they chose, which was different from the experience of their parents. As a result, the 1950s brought the development of a teenage subculture. Teens wanted to have their own experiences, their own music, and their own movies. Rock and Roll became a symbol of this subculture and the attitudes of teens during this time.
Answer the following: 1. for the following group of musicians:
Group 1: Little Richard, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles
Identify what you believe are the common musical threads among the artists in your groups. Use the musical vocabulary and use musical examples from group musicians to support your views.

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