Identify the model/framework that seemed most logical, or perhaps useful from your perspective? Why?

EBP Integration Models: Go!
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For this discussion board assignment, you are expected to read the papers linked below.
*As this is your first discussion posting for a grade, please be sure to re-visit the Discussion Postings tab in Week 1 for guidance.
Within your discussion post, you are to:
1. Identify the paper that intrigued you most and discuss why.
1a. Can you “see” or perhaps read the tenants/steps of the EBP integration model of framework used? Explain your answer.
2. Identify the model/framework that seemed most logical, or perhaps useful from your perspective? Why?
You are expected to:
1. Post one (1) original post.
2. Post one (1) reply; however, your response should be to someone that assures you reference another article than the one you chose in your original response. In other words, if you wrote about the Wood, et al. paper, then your response should NOT be to a peer that wrote about the Wood, et al. paper.
Wood, E. B., Harrison, G., Trickey, A., Friesen, M. A., Stinson, S., Rovelli, E., … & Presgrave, K. (2017). Evidence-based practice: Video-discharge instructions in the pediatric emergency department. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 43(4), 316-321. (Links to an external site.)
Farner-Cordell, C., Bitton, A., Eeten, K., Schmidt, C., & Brenden, M. (2021). The need for manual skills in an automated world to obtain timely blood pressures in trauma patients. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 36(4), 346-349. (Links to an external site.)
Salinas, D., Sartain, B. J., Sullivan, J. F., Moore, C. B., & Hefley, J. (2021). Implementing ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous practices on a multi-service unit. Medsurg Nursing, 30(3). (Links to an external site.)

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