Identify one particularly salient personal experience that illustrates the point of your project.

Developing your personal connection to the project
As we read Writing to Change the World, it becomes very clear that Mary Pipher writes about what she is passionate about. Whether it’s a letter to the editor or a poem to her daughter, Dr. Pipher illustrates the heart – mind connection. There’s good research to support this claim that we write about topics that are important to us, and this Senior Project avails this opportunity to you as a researcher, writer and designer of your final project. Take a few minutes and respond to the following questions that are written to make explicit this connection between the emotional/affective and cognitive domains of our brains. This is due on Sunday.
What would you like to do for your senior project? What would you like to accomplish? What is your topic? What sparked your interest in the topic of your project? Describe your personal experiences related to your topic.
How do the experiences you’ve identified relate to your tentative thesis, or what you consider to be the point of your project?
Identify one particularly salient personal experience that illustrates the point of your project. Write about this experience in some detail, making it as vivid as you can. Consider developing what you’ve written into an attention-grabbing anecdote to use in your project.
Now, let’s move into the cognitive domain: what previous learning is informing this project? What previous writing experience do you have that relates to what you want to do? Why are you compelled to explore this topic further?

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