How would you respond to a particularly critical comment you recall encountering about your CP?

After you turn in your CP draft, spend 30 minutes taking notes in response to ANY of the following questions that seem useful to you and then write a brief reflection on your CP draft to help you revise it for the final CP. You can use the reflection in your final eportfolio, perhaps even as part of the reflective intro.
Answer any of the following you find useful:
Do your primary sources really get at important aspects of the problem you’re studying?
What aspect of the problem would you like to pursue with better evidence?
What exciting discoveries have you made about the problem you’re studying?
Which sources could lead you to refine your research methods?
Again, answer any of these:
How do you see the history of the problem differently after writing the CP draft?
How does writing about the history of the problem affect your view of the current problem?
How do you see the causes of the problem differently after having written the CP draft? How will you clarify causality in the final CP?
Answer any:
Do you see yourself as a scholar engaged in a debate with other scholars?
How do you see your own arguments in relation to the scholarly sources you have read? How can you bring your arguments into closer contact with scholars’ ideas?
Which debates among scholars seem the most interesting to you?
What kind of debate or opinion would you like to pursue in the final CP?
Were there more interesting debates in non-scholarly sources, and, if so, how will you use those in your final CP?
Answer any:
What are the main functions of the multimodal sources you used?
How can you more effectively label, describe, and analyze your multimodal sources?
How are you planning to branch out into a wider variety of multi-modal sources for the final CP?
How has your developing thesis or argumentation benefited from multimodality?
Answer any:
What are the most interesting things you discovered about your writing when interacting with your instructor and/or peers regarding your CP?
How would you respond to a particularly critical comment you recall encountering about your CP?
What is one revision you plan to make to improve the quality of the final CP?

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