How does your communication differ between online versus in-person communication?

Locate an academic (sent to an instructor or teacher) or professional (co-worker, supervisor, etc.) email you have sent in real-life. If possible, try to find an email that you wish you’d said something differently. Maybe you recall that your tone was too harsh, perhaps you didn’t say what you meant, perhaps the email was misinterpreted by the person you sent it to. Or maybe it’s something simple such as you just wish you’d included a greeting or a closing. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on a previous email communication to influence the way we communicate moving forward.
Copy and paste the email you have chosen for this assignment (please omit any names or identifiers) and then answer the following questions reflecting on the email you submitted. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions provided, but you must answer the questions thoroughly to receive full credit. The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to self-reflect on your communication style but not to penalize you for previous communications. Your instructor will provide feedback based on your answers and will demonstrate any necessary edits for your answer to question number 10.
In a Word document, do the following:
Copy and Paste Your Email/Online communication example. (If it’s too long, just choose a section to paste) (2 pts)
Why did you choose this example? (1 pts)
What part of it would you change/write differently? (2 pts)
Think about your communication style. Did your style influence the way you spoke/wrote? (1 pts)
How does your communication differ between online versus in-person communication? (2 pts)
What have you learned about your online communication based on this exercise? (2 pts)
Pretend you are interested in learning more about a college degree program (a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, etc.) Draft an email that you would send to inquire about the program. For this email, the contact person is Dr. Becky Francis. Write your email below. (5 pts)
For the following email example of an email to be sent to an instructor, rewrite the email to a format you believe is suitable for professional email communication. Correct any grammatical errors, include or omit any missing (or necessary) information. (5 pts)
hey…..when is our assignment due and what are we supposed to do for it how many pages is it I’ve been having some stuff going on and am missing a lot of my work plz respond ASAP ’cause its due tom!!! (2 pts)

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