How do our nonverbal behaviors contribute to how we are perceived by others? Scenarios (choose one):

Nonverbal Fieldwork Experiment
Directions: Choose and complete one of the following scenarios (provided in the “Scenarios” list below), then write a 300-500 word analysis of your findings. Only choose a scenario that “violates” your normal behavior. Don’t forget to organize your thoughts and experiences in paragraph form (according to the provided questions). Questions to consider to include in your analysis:
-What nonverbal norms/rules did you violate (kinesics, vocalics, proxemics, chronemics, self-presentation cues/appearance)?
-How did people react to your violation of these nonverbal norms/rules?
-How did you feel violating these nonverbal norms/rules?
-How do our nonverbal behaviors contribute to how we are perceived by others?
Scenarios (choose one):
Wear a formal outfit to an informal event and/or class.
Take a walk and smile and say hello (or “good morning” etc.) to every person who passes by (exercise caution if you are alone; only perform this nonverbal “violation” during daytime hours; use your best judgement and be careful!).
Show up 10 minutes late to a meeting that you have with a friend or relative (not a job or appointment)!
Answer the phone and wait for the other person to speak first.
Have a conversation with a friend or relative, but don’t make any eye contact with them.
Send text messages for an entire day without any emoticons/emojis. (Only choose this scenario if this is a “violation” of your usual texting habits.)
Sit in someone else’s usual seat.
*After conducting the experiment, please consider telling the person that they were a subject in a school experiment, as you will most likely experience the “power” of nonverbal violations. (In other words, please take all steps to ensure your subjects are not left feeling upset or confused about what was experienced.)

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